Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 4: Weigh In

Good Morning, Everyone!  Wow, week #4 already, It has flown by!!

To be honest, I haven't been motivated.  I have been super stressed out lately, exercising & dieting hasn't been a priority (but that's another Blog post topic).

Surprisingly, when I stepped on the scale this morning to weigh in for the start of week #4... I had LOST!!  Whoo-hoo (lol).

Although, 2.4 pounds in 3 weeks isn't nothing to brag about, it is a loss & I'm celebrating it!

Stress is a part of life and I have got to figure out how to Free My Mind of all the clutter that I can't really change; and focus!!

I have 45.6 pounds to go to reach my goal by June 10th  (Graduation)!  This is like 35 weeks away, a little over 1 pound loss a week, this shouldn't be hard at all to accomplish.  However, I would like to lose more if I can.

I just want to be happy with my weight, comfortable in my own body, and healthy!! 

Weight Chart

I Can Do This!!!