Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 3 Monday Morning Weigh In

259 Today's Weight

Hey everybody!!! I'm back from my week off from having surgery. My weight fluctuated a lot after surgery due to being given a ton of fluid, or at least it felt like a ton. After surgery I was weighing 265. This morning I got on the scales and I weighed 259 on the dot. I am feeling better, still a little sore, but I'm back at work today and trying to get back to my normal schedule. I have also been walking a lot the past week. Mostly in the house, but I still can't lift anything or pull on anything for a few more weeks but I am going to continue to walk until my post op appointment then hopefully I will get the go ahead to get back on the elliptical. 

I am actually having some problems in regards to how much I can eat since the surgery. My stomach can't seem to hold what it used to. I feel very heavy if I even attempt to overeat and I feel as if my stomach is pressing on my bladder. Very uncomfortable feeling, so right now I'm eating salads, soup or pudding to keep from feeling like my stomach weighs a ton. 

Anyway, hopefully I am on the right track!All I can do is try!