Friday, October 2, 2015

Fantasy Football

How many of you all watch Football??  How many of you have a Fantasy Football league??  I bet that more than a few of you would answer "Yes" to both questions.

My husband LOVES football!  He has multiple fantasy football games that he plays, and he seems to be pretty good at it!  Me?  Well, I didn't have no clue about it.  I watch football with him because I try to have things in common with him that he enjoys doing.  It's gonna be on the TV all day on Sunday; so, why not try to learn and enjoy the game.  Right?!  Over the past few years I have learned the basics of the game and the teams; but not enough to pick a team for a fantasy football challenge.

This year we all of these new sites offering people LOTS of money for picking the right team!!  Have
you seen the MILLIONS of commercials??!!  Fanduel and Draft Kings are the two that I know by name, after seeing endless commercials on ESPN, NBC, ABC, & Fox over the past few weeks!

>> Note:  I don't like football that much, but I see it A LOT because, as I mentioned, my husband LOVES it!!  So, to me it seems like the only commercials being played are ones for Fantasy Football!!  ((lol))

I have to say that the commercials are luring!  I mean, Who wouldn't want to pay $5 (or more) to get into a game with the chance to win $100,000 or a Million??  Well, not me because I'm the pessimistic of the house and I think there's no chance I'd ever win (lol) or that there is a gimmick to it all!!

BUT.. the hubby doesn't think this way at all!!  (lol)  A few weeks have passed and he's winning in one of his Fantasy leagues and he's in 2nd in the other... so, last weekend he decided to take his chance on trying to place in a paying game.

He signed up on Fanduel last weekend and entered a 3 contests that were $5 each, they have them up into the $1000's >> BUT he won't be entering any of them (lol) unless he wins the million.  (That won't happen)    He ended up placing in the money in all 3 (I was shocked) and got his money back, plus $5 or $10 profit.  Not too bad!!  There were a lot of people in these contest.

This week he's been building his line-up and watching Sports Center to track player's progress.. he acts like it's  another job. (lol)  I have to say that to win, you probably need to know all these things, but I wonder is it also a lot of LUCK!?

This week I made an account... but my husband wanted me to try out Draft Kings since he already was playing on Fanduel; and he wants to see which site he likes best I guess.  Fine with me, I just want to see if I can pick a team that will score higher than his; and maybe win me a little cash too (doubt it).    I got a free entry to a $3 contest and entered another $3 one...  Hopefully, I at least win my money back; but I hope to have more points for my team than my husband does on his!!

I just want the bragging right's next week.. I want my "choose by luck team" to beat his "well calculated/analyzed team".

I have to admit I did choose some players I heard being mentioned a lot on TV and one's that seemed to have good points in prior weeks, but I clearly don't know what I'm doing... So, Wish me luck!!!  :)

Do you have a Fantasy Football Team?  Have you been successful?  Tips??