Monday, October 5, 2015

Free Speech and Mass Violence

Like most people these days, I have a Facebook page. I post mostly nonsense but I do follow some really great pages. One of these pages is called "Diary of a Mom" which talks about all kinds of things that pertain to being a mother. The woman that is the administrator of the page talks about her daughter that is on the Autism Spectrum. Great page. It feels good knowing that somewhere out there in this great big world someone else is feeling some of the same feelings that I do when it comes to my children.

As I was reading one of her updates last night, she brought to everyone's attention that there is a hate page filled with misinformation on Facebook about children that are autistic. The page is called "Families Against Autistic Shooters". The administrator of this page alleges that all autistic people grow up to shoot up schools and the propaganda on this page is outrageous. As I was reading the posts on the page my heart began to race and my blood began to boil. How can someone put that kind of information on the internet and it be allowed? 

I am disgusted by this page. This is why I want to shelter my children. There are people in this world that want to destroy and instigate all the time. Give people that are autistic a bloody chance!! Stop assuming!! We as a society have to stand together to help our children and stop the violence that has exploded since school shootings or public shootings have become commonplace.  

I am not trying to squash the opinion that the page administrator has but I do not agree with how he/she is going about how to get their message out. I believe this person is allowed to have their opinion but the damage that it could do is astounding. The page "Families Against Autistic Shooters"already has 190 followers. What can I do? I have reported the page, but I don't know if that is even going to help. 

Below are links to articles that talk about autism and violent behavior.

1. This page is called Current Psychiatry. 

2. This is written by an autism mom about her son and his violent outbursts. The writer is Anne Bauer.

3. This is a blog by Autistic Hoya aka Lydia Brown. Please read this one, amazing!