Wednesday, October 21, 2015

There Is A Monster Under My Bed

It was time for bed once again, oh how she hated going to bed, her mommy would put up with no nonsense this night. So, she did as she was told. In her mind, if she had the blanket tucked around her tight, no monsters would be able to penetrate the invisible shield she thought she had designed to keep them out. She especially kept her feet tucked under tight because if her feet were out the shield would be broken. 

The room was engulfed in darkness and it was unnerving to her waiting for her eyes to adjust. She lay there, her ears trying to hear whatever sounds they could. Then it happened, a sound, quiet as a whisper, that made all the hair on the back of her neck stand up. There it was again, the monster that taunted her every night. "Juuuuusssst beeeecaaauuse your feeeeeet arrrrrre unnnndddderrrrrrrrrrrr the coversssss, doesn't meeeeean IIIIIIIIII cannnnnnn't geeeeeet theeeeemmmmmmmm".