Monday, October 19, 2015

Exciting Opportunity

Yesterday, I posted about how stressed I have been about a lot of things in my life, everyone's demands of me, and wanting to start venturing out to find something in my degree field...  BUT what I didn't mention was why I had not ventured out before now.

To sum it up in one word.. I'd say fear.  Fear that the book knowledge isn't enough and that I may not know what I am doing!  Fear that I will fail or look stupid!  Not really Believing in Myself  enough, I guess.

Don't get me wrong, there are other reasons that I haven't starting looking for a new job... MANY of them!  One being that 99.9% of every ad requires hands on experience, which unfortunately, I do not have!  How are we to get this, if no one gives us a shot?!

Well... TODAY, I may have gotten that shot!!  ((BIG SMILES))

Although nothing is offical, I may have gotten a job doing updates for a business a few days a month.  It's an "as needed" thing, a few hours a month, BUT it's experience on a resume!!

Looks like this Career Goal may be just getting started, hopefully!!  The sky's the limit, Right!!

Just thought I would share this exciting opportunity with you all; and promise that I will let you all know how things go!! ((Hopefully my way!))

*Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)