Thursday, September 10, 2015


I went to see my Doctor yesterday and I will be having my hysterectomy this month. The way he explained things it is in my best medical interest to go ahead and have this procedure done. So, I am! As someone who has never had this done I wanted to compile a list of resources that could possibly help other women who have never had this procedure. 

List of Resources for Hysterectomy:

This blog is a great resource. I signed up and I get an email everyday which is great. The email always has loads of information about hysterectomies and what to expect and they have free handouts you can access on the blog. Very informative. If I am not mistaken I hooked up on this through google plus. +HysterSisters

This is a great website with lots of links not only about hysterectomies, but about cervical dysplasia, cervical cancer, STD's, etc. 

This website is very informative as well. There are articles about what happens after a hysterectomy, what kind of complications could occur and what sex will be like after the procedure.  

This list isn't very long but all the sites listed above are great resources for anyone who needs more information regarding the medical procedure. These websites have helped me understand the process. There is always youtube. I have watched a laproscopic hysterectomy and it is kind of gross but neat to see at the same time, so check it out.