Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Action Packed Excitement

This past weekend I went to my first Nascar race in Darlington, South Carolina. I had a great time and I saw a lot of old cars that had been restored as well as watch the race. The coolest thing about the race is how the cars look like toy cars on the opposite side of the track. It is way different in person than it is on T.V. I can truly say I have a new respect for it. 

The videos that I will be posting are very short because I shot the video on my cell phone. They turned out pretty good though. 

This red car reminds me of the car in the movie Christine...Pretty cool, huh?

All in all I had a great weekend. The group I went with camped out Friday, Saturday, Sunday and we all came back Monday. I did a lot of walking and sweating but it was worth it. Also, on Saturday night I went to this slamming house party. This was the kind of party you see in movies like Old School.