Sunday, June 28, 2015

I'm Under Construction

Life seems like it has been on a crazy spiral out of my control.  The hectic days that come with the kids being out of school, everyone wanting to take off somewhere to spend the night or have a friend over, wanting to accomplish things but not having the time to pursue them, needing to make desperate changes and not putting the effort forth to accomplish them..

... the list can go on and on ... and on!!!  
I say that I am going to do something, but I don't!!  This can be related to so many areas of my life these days. 

I used to be a stay-at-home-mom for about 10 + years;  and I probably did more for everyone than I should have done, if I am being honest!  Therefore, now it is really hard to enforce more chores to take some of the load off of me.  BUT they are getting better. :)

I graduated from college last year, but I haven't had the time to go out a really LOOK for a new job in my field... With only 1 day off a week, my house chores & errands take that quickly!  ((I know.. excuses/excuses))

I know I need to get healthy.. This would help me feel better physically and emotionally as well; and help me be a better person, mother, wife, employee, friend, etc!!  But I procrastinate and don't put forth the effort to see changes. 

SO... I'm Under Construction!!  

I want to work on every aspect of me possible, from the way I think about my self to my relationships with others!!  

I want to be inspired with life instead of dreading the day-in-day-out same old routine that I go about now.  Living life to the fullest and making my goals a reality, not just things that seem like fantasies in a far off distance!!!

It's time to have confidence in my abilities, not thinking that my thoughts, ideas, and skills are little things that no one appreciates.  Believing that there is something great waiting somewhere out there for me.. I just gotta get out of my own way and find it!!

We all are meant to accomplish great things and be the happiest we can be... Now it that time for me!!!

I have spent too much of life in the shadows, not reaching for what I want and can be, feeling unhealthy, and being afraid of failing.  

Time to give myself a lifestyle change... I'm Under Construction!