Monday, July 6, 2015

Is it Worth It?

We all need to find new ways to save money.  Right?  I know I could!!!

Extreme Couponing is a popular television show on TLC, but Is it really worth all the time and effort spent doing it!? One lady's daughter told her it wasn't worth it on a show today lol.

We sat and watched 3 or 4 shows back to back.. it must have been a marathon. (lol)  It really amazed me how much money these people were saving!  This one lady had a total of  $1024.00 in groceries and only paid like $12.00 after all of her coupons... I was like WOWWWWWWW!!!  BUT... she had SO MUCH stuff!!

My husband jokingly/semi seriously said "I should start Couponing."  NOT!!  I mean, I see the benefits of saving money, but who has the room for the stock-piles? I know I don't!  I would like to start saving some at the grocery store, but I could not buy the bulk of merchandise that the people on the show do because I barely have room to store weekly groceries now.

However, I do need to start saving at the grocery store, things are getting so expensive!!  I figure I would start saving some coupons out of the newspaper for things I normally purchase and that would be a great start.  Who doesn't like saving a little money here and there!

Do you think it's worth it?  Do you coupon?  Do you have any tips for me?