Thursday, July 16, 2015


The past few weeks I have been "trying" to get motivated to get back on track, without success!!  Don't get me wrong, I want to loose weight, but you have to be motivated to have success!  If you don't think this is correct, try it!  Your mind has to be set that you are going to succeed or you will will make excuses after excuses until you fail.  This has been me the past few weeks months!

  • I downloaded the daily burn app & signed up for my FREE 30 Day Trial.....  and did not log on and do one workout!  Why!!??  I seriously don't know!

  • I bought a case of water 3 weeks ago...  and it is still sealed up under the table, not 1 bottle drank!

  • I've sat and watched TV when I could have been exercising!

  • I haven't started eating 3 meals a day yet & have ate fast food as my 1 meal way too many times lately!

These things are important if I want to succeed... I know!!!  I just keep making excuses...  I don't have the time, I'm tired, I will do it later, and on & on & on...  

Tonight I did something I had not done in a while and I was disappointed, horrified, but also SHOCKED to see the results!!  I don't get on the scale often because it usually stays the same (fluctuating 5 pounds mostly) so I'll get on once every week or two.  Tonight it was a # that I haven't seen in a long time and didn't want to see it now (lol).  SO... What to do!?

This quote pretty much sums it up...  and I have to make the choice before I hit a weight that I have always said I would NEVER hit!!

I got to get my mind right & motivated!!  If I don't, I'll be in this same spot (probably worse) next year at this time & on a bunch of medication for health issues!  This is not MY CHOICE!

I want to be HEALTHY & HAPPY!!

That # on the scale is only 9 pounds away from that number that I have always dreaded and stayed clear from... SO, It's time to start really thinking about this is a clear prospective & drop the excuses!!!


I seen this picture when I searched EXCUSES and thought I would share some humor on the subject!  We can't be serious all the time.  Maybe getting the right mind set can also help eliminate some of these excuses...