Monday, June 15, 2015

An Ex Is An Ex For A Reason

I was contacted by my soon to be ex-husband today and of course he is on a tirade about how I am going to ruin his wedding and he will be a out few grand and he is going to sue me.

1. I told him that if we filed for divorce by June 12, 2015 and he came by our office and accepted service, then waived his 30 days, we could be divorced before his July 25, 2015 wedding date. All he had to do was pay the filing fee. ($225.00)

2. I told him this two months ago and now it's June 15th and I haven't seen any money yet. I even spoke to the woman he is going to marry and explained the situation to her. Of course every word I spoke has been turned around and now he calling me threatening me. 

3. He is just mad because she sees now he is a liar. He lies about everything. Every word out of his mouth is a lie and I am not taking the fall for his lies. He is trying to tell me he is going to sue me and the attorney if he has to move his wedding date. I told him he shouldn't have set a wedding date until he got divorced from me. (Some people do not have any common courtesy) She said she is sick of his lying....but you know she will marry him anyway, because she is dismissing the red flags, but that's her problem not mine anymore. Why else would he be calling me raising all kinds of hell? Because she threw a hissy fit and he is trying to twist it all around and place all the blame on me.

4. I want my divorce so bad, but I refuse to pay for it. I'm not the one getting remarried before the ink even has a chance to dry on the paperwork. 

5. I haven't dated anyone the whole time we have been separated. I have it in my mind that I cannot have a relationship with one person until I'm finished with the last person. But, that's just me. 

6. I know this stuff is personal but I don't want my kids to hear me complaining about this stuff so I'm venting on my blog.  

******Update: The money has been paid and I will be filing today, June 16, 2015. Woo Hoo***********