Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Planting My Garden

Yesterday, I planted tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, butter beans, snap beans, corn, strawberries and some sunflowers for fun. There is still some grass in my garden bed, but I am going to see if my plants sprout and then I am going to get in there and weed it really good.

The picture above is a selfie of me and my garden. I'm telling everybody my garden is my new love. They say if you talk to your plants or play them music, they will grow better. Who knows? I put down a bit of planting soil as well, but as you can also see in the picture, it looks a bit concentrated. This is my first garden, so I  am learning as I go.

The plants in the picture above are the tomatoes and peppers. I really hope my tomatoes do well because I actually planted the whole garden just for them. (They are on the back row)

The picture above is actually a strawberry plant. I am going to need to get some pine straw for this plant and I think I may have to put plastic over it at some point. Not sure, but I will find out.

Random pic of my garden after I got everything planted. I plan on working on it for a while everyday because I really want it to grow.

Like I pointed out in one of the above pictures, the planting soil stuff that I used is kind of concentrated but I did try to fan it out by raking. The funny thing is I actually spilled a whole packet of sunflower seeds on the ground so I don't know if they will grow or not. I sure hope so!