Friday, May 8, 2015

Everything is Blooming!

The roses have finally bloomed on my rose bush, I didn't think it would happen so soon though; and with so many roses this time!  Last year, I think we had 3 or 4 roses total at once on it.  Since then we tied it up where it wasn't drooping the ground, and cut out all of the dead.

This is the only one left from a rose garden that my parent had years ago... I want to move it beside my fish pond, but I am scared it will die!

The daisies are blooming so pretty as well, but the other flowers that sprout orange flowers multiply yearly and have almost taken over the area around my pump-house.

I'd like to add more color since the orange flowers don't bloom for very long.  Out of the 4 daisies I planted a few years ago, the yellow one is the only one that hasn't died.


The pond is looking really bad!!  The liner has completely dry-rotted and the grass has taken over.  I'm not sure how we will redo things this time around, but I hope it is the last time it has to be done!

I am so ready to see fish swimming in it again; it's such a peaceful place to sit when you just want to think or have a stress-free moment to reflect.

We have been discussing concreting it this time.  Putting a drain and pump lines in under the the concrete would allow everything to stay the way we want forever (hopefully).

I've never been one who liked flower-beds or anything like that, but the older I get the more interested this has become.

I was in love with the pond the first year that we put it in, then, more-so the second time we redone it... Now I just hope that the next time, hopefully the last time, will be my favorite of them all!!

When it's time to redo it, I plan to document it and share with you all the beauty that comes with creating a beautiful space to remember a loved one, and the gorgeous flowers that will help bring it to life.  :)