Saturday, April 18, 2015

London, Part 6

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The next day I saw the great Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the London Eye. For this post I am just going to show some of the pictures that I took while I was there. On the days that I was doing all the sight seeing I did not interact much with the locals. On occasion when I did get lost, the locals were always awesome about helping me out and pointing me in the right direction.

Saint Paul's Cathedral

I seemed to stumble upon most of the sights that I found. Saint Paul's Cathedral was gorgeous.

Art in the Tate Modern

This is actually art that I was allowed to take a picture of in the Tate Modern.

Big Ben and The London Eye in the background.
Big Ben and The London Eye in the background.

Westminster Abbey
 Westminster Abbey
Buckingham Palace
My absolute favorite Buckingham Palace. I got to see the changing of the guard, so I got there at the perfect time to see it.

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