Thursday, January 22, 2015

What to eat?

I am a few days into this weight loss journey, in which I am really trying. I am struggling with the "what to eat portion" of this journey. I have noticed that most quick foods that I can grab running out the door in the morning are processed or they are starchy. I don't know about you but I do believe I could live off potatoes!

I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow and stock up on healthy foods. I have searched the internet and come away with a 30 day meal plan that has options and has food on it that I actually eat. It also gives the recipe and how to prepare it as well. I am going to try to start implementing it today for lunch. An example is I can actually have a black bean burrito for lunch, which is really good because I love black beans. I need to find a recipe for a black bean burger if possible.

I did workout last night. I am hanging in tight with the Pilates door knob exerciser. My thighs and tummy are feeling the burn. I can also feel it in my arms, the bicep part. I have been looking at getting an elliptical soon, but I am still walking when I can and taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator.

Until tomorrow..........................