Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Oceans of Emotions

Something happened to me yesterday in court and it kind of ties into the whole Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie breakup. Pull up a chair and hang on cause this is gonna one weird lop-sided ride into my brain....

 In 2004, life was okay for me. This was the year that I gave birth to my youngest child and turned 30 years old. I was a bit panicked about that leap into my thirties but overall was handling it pretty well because any day above ground is a good day right? This is also the year of the the Jennifer Anniston -Brad Pitt breakup. It appears he met Angelina on set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith and they fell in love even though he was married to Anniston at the time (as rumor has it). I was totally #teamjennifer. This was a bit of a joke, sorry to say, not to imply that these celebrities aren't real people with feelings, between me and my husband at the time. Partly because our last name was Smith and partly because I was anti-homewrecker (He thought that was funny). Anyway, so it is in the news that Jolie has filed for divorce. There are whoops and hollers going up all across the land because #teamjennifer has won which we all knew would happen. You cannot start a life with someone new when you still have one foot in the old life. 

Now, since that has been said I feel a little weary today about saying "I told you so" because children are involved and they will feel the effects of this parent made decision for the rest of their lives.  Which brings me to my confession. I saw my ex-husband yesterday and he looked awful. The mean part of myself thought that I would gloat and be all like "I told you so" if I saw him and he looked worse for wear since our divorce but it made me sad to see him looking so thin and tired. 

The moral of the post for me is this.......Anniston might have cared 12 years ago when her world was crashing down, and I'm sure she still does but not in the same way. As a human being I am sure she doesn't want her ex to be hurting or his children. The same way I don't want revenge anymore, I want peace.