Wednesday, July 13, 2016

He asked for what!

With technology growing daily so is the risk of our children's safety!  We are letting strangers right into our home's, into their rooms.  They're glued to their phones as much as we allow them to be and we have no idea who may be lurking in the messages/sites on the other end; and sometimes who they believe they are talking to isn't at all who it may be.

No matter how many times we tell our children something, we always wonder if they are listening!?  Safety is a parents #1 priority when it comes to their kids, for MOST, I believe!

The thoughts are scary, but they are also the reality that we find ourselves in this day & time! Sadly!

My youngest daughter is 13 and she just got a smartphone.  Her first!  This is scary for me because there are so many crazy people in this world.  I trust my kids but I don't trust strangers!

The amount of times I've told my kids this, they say I sound like a broken record but I want to be sure they hear it!

Today she comes to me with a shocking details, she had some strange message out of the blue from someone on kik... when she told me the story I begin to freak!  The over protected momma bear wanted to roar!  BUT I wanted to get full story first!

She explained how this person, that she did not know, asked her to send them a picture!! 
  1. Heart dropped.. 
  2. Fear set in... I have told her the importance of never doing this so many times!  Did she hear me?!     "He wanted a picture of my private", she said!
  3. He asked for what!!?? .... Omg... Decided to let her finish before going berserk!
She went on to tell me that she replied telling him, "He was Nasty"! and Blocked him! BUT she said she had forgotten to report him!  SO, she unblocked and reported him, but he actually sent a repeat message asking again before she was able to hit report and re-block!!


All of that talk that I thought had went in one ear and out the other, didn't!!  I am so glad that I have tried my hardest to instill these things into my girls over the years; and that she didn't give in to something that could have resulted badly!!  

The internet is a wonderful thing, overall!  However, it can be used to do great harm & hurt people as well.  We have to teach our kids Safety about who could be lurking on the other end of that screen...

Keep talking, even when they seem to be annoyed & not listening because they DO HEAR US!!  Thank God!