Friday, July 29, 2016

A New Me: Learning to Love to Read

Today I stopped at the library with my aunt, she LOVES to read!!  While she searched for her books I was talking to the librarian about my daughter.

She was diagnosed with Dyslexia  last year after many years of struggling in school with reading; however, I believe there is an underlining issue that has not been discovered yet (BUT that's a post for another day).  She just turned 13, going into the 7th grade; yet, she's reading on  a 3rd grade level.  It is heartbreaking to watch the struggle and feel at a total failure in helping your child succeed as you would like.

I asked the librarian about books that would be on her level, age wise, that didn't have such huge words (which leave her feeling defeated).  The books on her reading level are for babies, she says, and get doesn't want to even try.

So, the librarian went on a search to help me...

She returns with this book (The Invention of  Hugo Cabret) that was HUGE, like 500+ pages!!   Really!?  I thought how can I tell her that the size alone will intimidate her, after she went and found something she believes is perfect!  She explained how the book was mostly pictures, a best seller, and good one for kids that struggle with reading.  After glancing through it, she's right, half the book was pictures!!

I don't like to read AT ALL; therefore, I probably don't push my daughter, as hard as I should, to sit down daily and read.  However, in my journey to becoming the New Me I want to be I plan to try harder to find things that will interest her where she learns to love reading as much as my aunt (hopefully).

I came home and searched the book trying to see what tactics I could use to make my daughter interested in reading this HUGE book & I came across the author talking about turning this book into an audio book.  Since the book IS mostly pictures, it was interesting to hear how exciting the process was & the analogy.   Check it out...

Cool, huh!!??  and the pictures... this person is truly talented!!!  ((I love to draw;, therefore, they stood out))

I also came across the trailer for a movie that was created, it looks to be a good movie as well.  Maybe once my daughter and I have completed the book we can see the movie!!!

It's exciting, kinda, the movie preview makes me wonder how the author explained this story in the book.  I'm excited in the hopeful feeling that my daughter will get hooked in the mystery and discover her love of reading.  

I'll let you know how it turns out....

Until then ~ Ginny