Thursday, June 9, 2016


I used to sit every year and watch my oldest receive an award every year and felt SO proud as every parent does, but I never stopped to think how those children and parents that don't get one felt.. until these past few years!

Today was my youngest daughters last day of school, and awards day as well.  Once again she had to sit and watch all of these kids get awards and she didn't.  It breaks my heart to see her disappointed like this because she tries SO hard, but she doesn't learn as easily as the others do. Last year I actually kept her home on awards day just to shield her from the disappointment!

Don't get me wrong, I think all of the other children should receive awards for their accomplishments.  I just wish that there was a way to reward those with learning disabilities for all their hard work as well!!  I sit and listen to her teachers and read all the remarks on report cards about how hard she tries and how great she is doing, and how much growth she has show; yet, on days like today she doesn't feel like it!

I know.. I know.. they can't do it for every child!!  It's just hard!!  These challenges for her, and for me as a mom will likely last the rest of her school years and I have got to find the way to let them just roll off of me!!

However, on a positive note... she's promoted to the 7th grade!!  YAY!!!

I let her know just how proud I am of her for all the hard work she has put in and that I see how much she tries, and has grown!  She will always be my star student and will always get rewarded from me, regardless of the challenges she has to deal with she is super smart & will go far in life!!  She always has me & her daddy in her corner cheering her on!!!