Monday, February 8, 2016

What weight-loss shows lack?

Do you watch weight-loss shows?  If so, which ones are your favorites?  I have to admit that I watch a few of them myself, and there is always a new one every season!!

The Biggest Loser is by far my favorite because I have watched it from the beginning and it really shows how hard work and eating right makes a huge difference!!  It's amazing to see the difference in the contestants outlook, self-esteem, and emotional changes that go along with the weight-loss.

Extreme Weightloss with Chris Powell is also a good show, I think.  In the earlier seasons Chris done it all alone, but now his wife accompanies him in the journey which really helps some of their clients.  Over a years time they work to achieve the weight loss goals and motivation needed to accomplish the unthinkable... most of the time, 100's of pounds gone!!  Amazing!!

This year a new show has started, Fit-to-Fat-to-Fit... which I really thought was ridiculous when I seen it advertise.   Why would someone who is Fit and Healthy risk it all to become over-weight & unhealthy just to lose it again with a client!?  So, I set it to record on the Genie just to check it out and see for myself.  After watching a few episodes, I see the point!  It shows the client that they are serious, that the trainer also struggles with the exercises when they are overweight, and that they can really do it if they are determined to get it off... and I think it motivates the client a little more because they know that this trainer put on all this weight for them! However, this is unhealthy and some of the trainers have put themselves at risk of medical issues and I think that is just crazy (in my opinion)!

These are the ones that I watch, which one's do you watch (if any)?

Over-all I like watching these shows because they're inspiring and motivating for my own journey!  It is encouraging to see that it can be done! However, they all lack something important... none of them show us the nutritional side --> what to eat, what seasoning to use, oils that are best, etc.  I really need to know how to cook better & stuff like that in order to be able to really do something and stick to it forever!!  You know what I mean!!

I think that these shows should make it a point to include the nutritional side of weight-loss more than just showing all the hard work in the gym, just my opinion!  Many Americans are over-weight & unhealthy (me included) and I think that showing us how to cook better could really help the millions of people who tune in every week to watch!