Thursday, February 11, 2016

What A Day For A Daydream

I seriously daydream everyday about going back to London, England. By the time I began to understand the way the transportation system worked it was time for me to go home. At night I would sit outside the B&B, smoke a couple of cigarettes and watch the traffic whoosh by. The sounds of the city, the double red buses and the clicking of the streetlamps is what I remember most. 

My best day started out early in the morning. I think it was a Wednesday. I got on the tube with the commuters going to work, not a good idea because it was packed. Most of the tourist attractions I found, I kind of stumbled upon. This day I stumbled upon the Millennium Bridge and I could hear music coming from the other side. As I began to walk across the bridge, I could hear the sounds of a violin, a drum and an accordion. At the end of the bridge was the Tate Modern and the atmosphere surrounding it was electric. There were so many people and they looked to be enjoying a sunny, hot summer day.  So picture this: It is 10 am and beginning to get really warm, probably 75 degrees by then, you begin to walk across the bridge and all senses are tingling. The bridge seems to sway a bit, but you are not really sure. Close your eyes and breath deeply the scents of roasted peanuts, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, hear the sounds of happy music making its way across the River Thames. Open your eyes and take in all the people going in and out of the Tate Modern and having lunch on the grounds of the museum. 

I swear I left a part of my heart there.