Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 6 - Weigh In

Weekly Weigh In: 263

I am very frustrated with myself today. Like I said before, I start out with the very best of intentions but somehow this feels very much like failing miserably. I thought if I put my actual weight up here where everyone can see it, then I would be motivated to make that number go down. 

What has worked for me before:

1. No food in the house - Not an option anymore because I have children.

2. Going through a divorce - I'm divorced now and I'm not going to get married any time, no to this. 

3. Drinking water everyday and nothing else - Okay, I can do this.

4. Eat healthier - Lay off the bread JoAnne!

5. Begin a food journal - there has to be someway to incorporate this into a type of blog entry. +Ginnyland you are going to have to help me brainstorm with this one. 

6.  Log my exercise everyday - the winter is coming and I do not want to get sedentary. 

7. Do not beat myself up over this - small steps at a time!!