Sunday, October 18, 2015


Seems like the past few weeks have been nothing but chaos!  Tons of things to do, to pay, and to keep track of for everyone else in my life. I'm the one who seems to get stuck handling it all!! I been so mentally drained lately that it appears to be draining my emotionally & physically as well.  I have heard this can happen!

Being stressed out makes me moody, big time!  I hate being stressed over everyday things and money, and it is really hard (even though I try) not to be stressed over the things that I can't change!  I feel sorry for my family (lol) I can be a real B*#@!

When I seen this picture it summed up my feelings lately of being over whelmed with keeping up with EVERYTHING! (lol)  My to-do-list is pages long.. so, it seems!

My mom is disabled and I take care of EVERYTHING for her, from her medication & doctor appointments to keeping track of blood sugars & what she spends.  It's like keeping track of another household along with my own.  I love her and don't mind taking care of the things that she isn't able to, but some things she could do for herself.

My JOB sucks, mostly because they have been messing with my money, which isn't cool AT ALL!!  A few months ago (July) they shorted my hours (as I explained in a previous post) and it still has not been fixed; and don't appear that it is going to be, unless I go to extreme measures to get it!  Since then I had to work less hours due to their mix-up for a few weeks and them I didn't get paid on time once, where I had to wait over a week to get it straight (10 days)... again, their mix-up!!   All of these mix-ups put me in a financial bind; and now my husbands work has slowed down sooner than it does which makes us depend on my paycheck even more.  I made choices that I now regret due to these financial issues, and all those choices have done is make things 10x more financially stressful on myself!!  Is there ever an end to money stress?!  Ughh

We'll get through it,m we always do... just got to hold onto one another and get by.. that's family, commitment, and love!

My daughters struggles with reading and other things weigh heavy on me.  I feel like it is my fault.  Maybe I didn't help/work with her enough when she was younger or something!  Could have done more?  She has such a hard time accomplishing her school tasks and I feel like a 6th grader all over again tackling hours of homework.  I just wish I could find a way to help her more!  I have searched high & low to find things that will GET HER ATTENTION and TEACH her all at the same time.... it's a struggle!!

*Love this picture...

When I came across the picture above, I was looking for a cute graphic to share about Stress. Instead, I found this quote...

"If I live everyday the same way I did today, what kind of future would that create?" - Jesse Lear

However, the Blog Post that came with it hit even harder, giving some great advise to relieve stress.  It was targeted toward high school/college kids, but I think it would be great for me too!!  It hit the areas that I have been stressed on...

  • Relaxing
  • Feeling more relaxed & energetic
  • Finances
  • mental health
  • organization
  • and getting myself out there to meet people that I could potentially find a new job with.
All of this in a short, straight forward, and informational post that helped some things click. 

This really hit home today, for me! 

*You can check out the post at!Hot-Topic-Thursday-Productivity-Hacks/cos2/550724ec0cf27b8ab2973e3a

Stress can be overwhelming and getting a handle on it is the key.  I know I need to stop worrying about things that are out of my control, but I also gotta work on what I can!

Getting organized is something I really need to work on... So that's where I'll start at... for now!!