Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Morning Weigh-In

Start of Week 2

Week 1 had a lot of ups-and-downs... stress along with procrastination, and my monthly visitor decided to arrive just as I was starting to get in the grove of things (ugh).   I know "TMI", but I's sure all the women reading can relate..

I got on the scale on Thursday and it was showing a loss of about 4 pounds; so, you can imagine my surprise as I stepped on the scale for my Monday Morning Weigh-In to see that I had not lost nor gained anything.. Exactly the same as it was on Day 1         :(

BUT I'm not giving up!!  This is a new week and I plan to have a loss to report next Monday!!  The weather is starting to be really nice and walking is in this weeks plan.

Here's my weight-loss ticker that I will update weekly to track my progress.  You can get your's at the Ticker Factory.  (Every time I update this, it will change here)

....Until next time!!!