Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fix-a-Flat Butt

When our car tire has a slow leak we often use Fix-a-Flat as a temporary fix; but would you use it to fix
your butt??  No way, Right?

Well, surprisingly there are some people who have actually done this; and way worse!!

According to the commercial for "Atlanta Plastic", a series that airs on Lifetime (, people have used Fix-a-Flat and other things like cement to get that perfect butt they're looking for...

  ..... REALLY!!??  This is so surprisingly crazy to me! How would someone justify putting something into their body that is meant to fix a deflating tire?!

Sometimes we get way too caught up in the way we look; and we go too far to try to get results... putting chemicals into our bodies is never the way to go, be smart people!!

When the commercial aired, I had to rewind it to make sure I heard it right!  Afterwards, I joked that I was gonna have to pump my butt up with some Fix-a-Flat because it's starting to show age (sag lol)

BUT My husband said it may get too full and pop like a Balloon!!   Lmaooo

... or leak out.

I just wonder how the went about putting it in there to begin with (probably don't want to know).

It's sad that people have resulted to these easy seeming solutions to get the quick fix... but in the end it really does take time and work to get the results that we want to achieve (unless you result to plastic surgery/implants).

If want to fix a flat butt then you need to do exercises that are targeted to the glutes, etc.  I shared a exercise video a few weeks ago that refer to this area...  The Booty Building Workout  *Make sure you consult your doctor before doing any new programs, don't want no one hurting themselves!

... and PLEASE DON'T put any harmful products into your body that are not meant for it!!