Monday, August 3, 2015

Dear Teenage Girl ....

Being Rude is Not Cool!

When you are with all your friends and they are being mean.. you don't have to be!  I know that you may feel guilt-ed or pressured into doing what they are doing; or maybe even scared that if you don't participate they will turn it back on you.  If this is the case... maybe you should think about finding some new friends!  Don't ya think?

I see young people being RUDE all the time, thinking it is cool!  But really it is not!!  One day you are going to wake up grow up and realize that it was uncalled for, senseless, and RUDE behavior!!

This goes out to ALL teenagers (and some adults), but I'm especially talking to the young ladies...

Young ladies aren't supposed to be RUDE of Bullies... be respectful, kind, show others love.. but be able to take care of yourself and always stand for what you believe in!!

I see young girls that have been good friends with someone, get mad and tell secrets or pick on them just because they are mad... Is that really worth someone's feelings?  and they once called someone their friend.. Really!!??  Criticizing or picking on someone because of what they wear, how they look, or a disability the may have.  Does it make them happy that they hurt their feelings?  Really!! Come'on they're Better than that!!!

If you don't like someone, that's your choice!  Avoid them, don't gossip about them, don't add your opinion, and just don't worry about them because they're not apart of your little world.  Unless you're one that likes the DRAMA.. In that case, please get over yourself.  If not.. in 20 years when you are grown and don't have any REAL friends, live with regrets about your rudeness, and are miserable.. you will wish that you had changed your ways or you'll be know as the grumpy old "Grinch" (nicely put) that lives next door.  Do you want that to be you?

If it feels like I am talking to you... LISTEN!!

This world is already filled with so much hate and rudeness, we don't need no more!!

I know for many teenagers these days it is acceptable!  I hope that these things aren't things that you do, but if it PLEASE change your attitude!  

As my momma always tault me ...  "If you can't say nothing NICE, Don't say anything at all!!"