Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Gardening Paradise

Woo Hoo!!!! My garden is sprouting people!! We have had to deal with tropical depression Anna here near the coast of North Carolina so we have gotten lots of rain in the last few days. This rain has helped my garden sprout.

I have had so much fun outside recently. I love the feel of squishy dirt between my toes and fingers!! Check out my garden....

 The picture above are my sunflowers. I need to weed it out, which I will do this weekend.

           The picture above is either snap beans or butter beans.

                                                           This is my corn.

                                                Bean Sprout.

My garden is a big focus of mine this season, but I am also working on some landscaping in my yard. 

 This is a picture of the Hydrangea plant my son got me for Mother's Day. He also took that particular photo.

This photo is my rose bush, perennial and some purple flowers in the back. I forget what they are called. (Sorry, new to the whole gardening and landscaping hobby)

 This photo is the perennial and a little cedar type tree.

 This is the other perennial that I planted on the opposite side of the porch. I do realize I need to rake up the ground more and possibly put down more red bark. That is my plan for the weekend, to really get it cleaned up and looking spectacular.

Please leave me a comment and let me know what types of flowers and plants you have in your yard.