Friday, May 1, 2015

Fun Friday

In the interest of having fun on this Friday morning I thought I would write 7 facts that you don't know about me. I have seen my fellow bloggers do these type of posts and it seems like it would be fun.

1. I know how to develop negatives and prints in a darkroom. I have the equipment, I just don't have a darkroom. (Note to self: look into building a darkroom)

2. I have a confession to make..........I like to watch infomercials.  Some of them are just so catchy and I really want that new mop they are peddling. (LOL)

3. I have an eclectic taste in music. I really dig 70's music, maybe because I was born in 1974.

4. I love to sing. I have a pretty good alto voice. I mostly sing when I am alone in my truck driving somewhere and I sometimes sing in the shower. I have been told I have a pretty voice.

5.  I'm not afraid to be alone or go to movies or out to eat alone. I love me, there is nobody else I'd rather be with.

6. My favorite food on the planet is garden fresh tomatoes. Nothing tastes better than a tomato plucked fresh out of the garden, rinsed, sliced and add salt. Yummy!!

7. I am a bit of a mechanic. I know how to work on cars and I can change brake pads, calipers, radiators, tires, sparkplugs and wires. I am very proud of myself for knowing how to do this.

Please feel free to leave comments on some of the things you like to do. Do you like infomercials or am I just weird? Have a great Friday everyone!!

******All the clip art was found on photo bucket except the last one. That is mine*********