Thursday, May 14, 2015

Exercise Programs: The Daily Burn

Most weight-loss programs that I have seen are border-line expensive, in my opinion.  However, I was checking out a free trial offer and I think you get more than your money's worth!

I'm referring to the program, The Daily Burn!  Daily access to workouts of all types and on from any device!  How cool is that?  Best of all, it has my favorite Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper!! :){adgroup}&crtv=Brand&sz=&kw=the%20dailyburn&gen=&age=&dev=

I was looking at the sign up for this program and noticed that IF I like it, it will only cost me $12.95 a month to keep it!!  WOW!!

That is CHEAP!  A gym membership is more than that a month and you have to drive there and back, spending a lot of money in gas and taking more time out of your day.

Having access to the workouts from any device or right from my TV makes the idea of The Daily Burn even more interesting!  Have you tried this?

I think this is something that I am going to really consider getting once I have broken myself back into some type of activity!!  For now, it's strictly walking and getting my body back into the idea of more physical activity!!