Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A New Me's Weight-Loss Challenge

Join The New Me Challenge to become a new you, starting June 1st!!!

Pick a workout program of your choice or have a exercise plan that you can work with, and a healthy eating plan.  Write it down so you can hold yourself accountable!

What are your goals & how will to obtain them?

Track your progress and share your success, but don't quit when you slip... We have have a moment of weakness or laziness.  When this happens let it go and getting back on track!  You can do anything that you set your mind to!

Believe it or not, our mind plays a huge part in our success & sadly even more in our failures!  If we dread eating healthier or exercising.. What is the chance of getting them done?  Think about the end game, how will you feel with the weight off? 

Healthier, fitting into those cute jeans, feeling sexy, more alive, getting out of the house more and doing outside activities, loving the reflection you see in the mirror, less aches & pains, confidence, loving you...

What ever the motivation may be... Hold onto it!  This will help us succeed!

Last night, I didn't like the number I seen on the scale, getting too close to that number that I've always said I'd never be... 200!  I've never seen it, even during my pregnancies, and I don't want to now.  Too close for comfort. Lol

Because of this I have decided to try to motivate myself and all the readers by accepting this challenge!
I have planned to try The Daily Burn's 30 day free trial and hopefully keep it if it works as it appears to in the community!  I feel like this will be something that others in my home could use as well. 

My goal in this first 30 days is to lose 15 pounds, feel less tired, and be more active!  I can do this &  YOU can too!!! 

I hope some of you will try it with me and share your journey with us as I will be with you!

*June 1st, who's with me?