Tuesday, April 14, 2015

London Part 2

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As the plane began it's ascent I relaxed and chatted with James a bit. Not much though, I did not want to be one of those annoying airplane people that talked non-stop.

Before we could make it to Atlanta, the pilot announced there was bad weather so we had to fly around for a bit. So after about an hour of trying to avoid rain and some heavy wind, we had to land at some obscure airport in Georgia and refuel which took about an hour. James was laughing at me when I told him I was a first time flyer and he said "they were breaking me in right".

By the time I made it to Atlanta International, I had missed my flight and Delta had booked me on a flight to Paris to catch a connecting flight to London. Of course, being new to the intracacies of flying and navigating airports I was like a flounder out of water. I missed the flight and then had to run all the way across the airport only to miss the next flight also. So, I went up to the help desk of a flight that was leaving for London and had my brother calling Delta airlines to fix the problem.

After a lot of waiting around I finally was booked for a flight to Paris and was to leave Atlanta at 10 pm that night. Once again, I texted everyone and let them know before I got on the plane I was cutting off the data on my phone because I couldn't use it in Europe. I gave my family the number to where I would be staying and got on the plane.

I sat in the middle section of a Boeing 747. I wish I could draw a diagram. There are two window seats, then three seats in the middle, and then two more window seats in a row. I was in the middle on the outside, so it was like, person-emptyseat-me. If that makes any sense. This flight they were speaking in French over the PA system and English. The pilot on this flight was a woman to, which I thought was pretty cool. Being on this huge plane was a bit scary but I was excited to be getting a layover in Paris, France. 

On the flight to Paris I met a lady named Ms. Kim. She was Japanese and spoke fluent Japanese and German but very little English. She was the most interesting person that I met in my travels. There was a bit of a language barrier but I understood her to say she just left her daughter who had graduated from John Hopkins University and was now an oncologist at St. Jude's. She showed me pictures of the graduation and of her daughter and she was so proud. I told her my children were younger, and we chit chatted as best we could. She told me she was on her way back to Germany because that is where she lived. I told her I was going to London for vacation and to celebrate my birthday. When we landed in Paris, she actually hugged me goodbye and I told her it was nice meeting her. She restored my faith in humanity with her kindness.

Finally we landed in Paris, France at around lunchtime I think. I had to go through security and no one was speaking any English which was kind of disorienting because I wasn't sure what I was doing. I saw a lot of different cultures whilst going through security. The guy checking passports and stuff at the security check point was cute but he was being a bit of a jerk to some of the people. Like he got some kind of perverse pleasure out of harassing people for their passports and stuff. He made me feel kind of uncomfortable but maybe it was lack of sleep. It's hard to sleep on a big ass plane knowing you are flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

TO BE CONTINUED......................................London: Part 3