Friday, February 13, 2015


I have heard the song Paradise by Coldplay playing everywhere here lately. As I am typing this I can hear the melody in my head. I listened to that song quite a bit back last summer when the world was exploding around me. When I would listen to it I could actually imagine being in the center of an explosion and glass flying everywhere, except it was in slow motion and I felt numb. This song just speaks to my soul. When I was a young girl, I dreamed of paradise, a world where I was going to find my prince charming and live happily ever after. I would imagine what my future husband would look like and wonder what kind of man he would be. Now here I am at 40 years old going through my second divorce. Everyday I let go of another piece of him and I know my paradise is going to be the peace that I will feel one day when the showers of this storm in my life have faded. Just like the song implies, the sun will rise again. That song just makes me feel......