Saturday, January 31, 2015

Takin' It Slow

Making myself eat more has been a challenge, you would think that someone that only eats once a day would be thin.. NOT! (lol)  However, when I weighed on Tuesday I had lost 3 pounds; and the only thing I done was start eating at least twice, but trying my best to eat 3 times a day! :)

I'm taking things slow, trying to change things a little at a time.  It's taking me longer than I thought to get motivated and back into the mindset I need to be on... BUT I will get there!!  

This week I had a birthday, so we ate out a little and I splurged on things that I normally don't; but the scale went down and that's awesome!!

Got this new ticker from the TickerFactory to track my weight-loss and I plan to update each week; and share with my posts!

Next week I want to cut some soda's and start drinking some water; and hopefully fit in some exercise!

Have a Great day!! :)