Friday, January 16, 2015

JoAnne's Journey

Okay. So today is January 16, 2015 and I have recently started my weight loss journey. Well, that's not exactly true...I really started it back in June 2014 when the sky fell in. My marriage of eight years (been together 11) exploded into a million pieces and I felt like the world caved in. I actually couldn't eat because the thought of my "wasband" with another woman made me physically sick. I lost thirty pounds in about a month and a half and wasn't even trying, it was just the trauma of all my relationship drama that got me headed in this direction.

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday I gained eight pounds of the weight back so I decided I need to nip this in the bud. What I am actually doing is Pilates with a door knob exerciser that acts as resistance and I have been walking with Leslie Samsone DVDs. I also began drinking water again and trying to lay off the starches. This is a huge undertaking for me because of course I want to be healthy but I am going to have to get back out in the dating world again and I want to look amazing. Since I have lost some weight I have been getting compliments and it feels good to get that kind of positive feedback.