Saturday, June 7, 2014

What motivates you?

Every journey that we set out on has it's challenges..  
           So, why should losing weight be any different!

What motivates you?

~ Knowing or Finding something to help motivate us is a way to reach the ending goal.

EASIER SAID, THAN DONE!! ~ Right? (lol)

I think over the past few years I have tried many things to help motivate me... a new outfit, competing with friends, beach trip, fitting into an old pair of jeans (that's an awesome feeling), etc.

A while back I joined DietBet (" ) after clicking on a link to a contest that Jillian Michaels (from "The Biggest Loser") shared for a charity. I have to say, it's a great motivational tool!

CHECK IT OUT>>>  DietBet allows you to start & join contests.. I'll let you see for yourself!

After watching the video, What do you think?

Is this something that could motivate you?  It sounds like if you reach your 10% lose (which isn't that much weight in 6 months) you'll win your money back + a portion of what other money is left to split by players who didn't complete the challenge.  Sounds like a win-win, you get your money back at the very least... Thoughts?

I think this could be fun among a bunch of competitive friends or all with the same goal.

A few years back a few friends and I done a Biggest Loser competition among us all... we weighed in each week and put like $10 in a jar; and the winner would get the $$; however, no one was motivated and so we all took our money back.

Sad, but true!

In order to make a change, I believe that We have to get the mindset of succeeding because being motivated is an important key to success!

What is your motivation when it comes to weightless?  Would a competition like DietBet help you succeed?

I want to hear your thoughts/experiences about this!?