Friday, August 3, 2012

Beginning a Journey to A New Me

Today, I was reading an old Blog that I wrote in September 2010.  I was on a journey to loose the pounds and live a healthier lifestyle; but I never knew I would find A New Me!

It's hard to explain what I mean by that exactly, but I felt and acted like a whole new person!

I can hear the excitement in the words that I have quoted from a blog titled,  "I Have Changed"...
"I have lost 23 pounds and I have changed so much along the way! In the begining I didn’t believe that the weight would come off because I had tried so many times before to get it done with no results. Losing a few pounds and then putting them back on, was my way of life for as long as I could remember. I always made excuses and went back to my old ways, just to be left feeling fat and unhappy once again. This time I have changed… In more ways than I ever realized could be possible. My body has slimmed, my mind has opened, and I have learned to love me! Wow! I never though it would happen, my life has turned in a new direction, where at last I know what I want and need in life, to be healthy and happy with me!! This time I got there!!"
I reflected back to this time; and wondered how I got back to my old habits.. of not eating regularly and drinking soda... And here I am right back to where I started at in the beginning.  A time before I had lost those 23 pounds and felt... Awesome, Energetic, and at Peace with myself!

I never realized how much my weight affected the way I felt physically, emotionally, and my confidence until I lost that weight and gained it all back!

The last few months I have felt tired and lazy all the time, less focused on things, and I look tired or old (lol, whichever one you prefer because both are true). I mean, I feel like I am sick or something; but I can remember feeling this miserable before as well.

Therefore, I am about to begin another journey to find a new me...  Well, the me that I had found back in September....
The one who felt alive and healthy!!