Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Papa's Garden Today

In my last post, Papa's Garden Destroyed in the Storm, I promised that I was show how we decided to redo the fish pond after the hurricane uprooted trees and destroyed the progress we had made!!

If you have been following the fish pond progress from the beginning you'll know that we have been using the thick black plastic liner in previous versions; however, when we went to Lowe's to get it they didn't have it in stock.  We chose to get the white vinyl instead, thinking it would be just as good (later I will tell you why this wasn't a good idea).

Once we had everything we needed to get started, we removed our fish and put them in a large tote with some of the water from the pond a some fresh water.

When we pulled up the black liner the ground looked really cool with the roots slightly showing through the dirt.

My youngest daughter said that it looked like veins (lol), but it really did look like that in a way..

Don't ya think?

Once we rolled the plastic out and ready to start filling it up, we went ahead and put the fish back into their home.

We just poured the water that they were in into the pond, this way there is less of a shock to them; and less fish will die in the process!

I think they were happy to be back in pond where they have a much bigger space to swim!!

It really was starting to come together and I was loving the look!!!

Once everything was in place it was time to finish up a few little details to make it complete!!!

We purchased a 1000 pound bag of sea rocks for around $35 to use to fill in the area around the pound for now instead of doing flowers at the time, which I really do think was a great choice because they looked amazing!!!  

We had the lantern looking thing, the birdbath, AND my husband built me a little bridge to go across it (for looks).

We even decided to add a light inside the lantern to allow it to be seen at night!  I really liked the way it looked at night... it really turned out beautifully when it was finished!!!  Don't you think so?

So... I promised I would tell you all why the white liner wasn't the best idea; so, hear it goes....

The white liner dry-rotted in the sun REALLY FAST!!! I was shocked because we NEVER had this issue with the black plastic liner ever!!

Within just a few months it was starting to break and it didn't take long for it to be extremely bad!!

Before long the grass started growing through and the pond leaked all the water out; and my fish died!

Today .. all of the liner had dry-rotted away and there is nothing but grass that had grown upinside of the fish pond.  I hate that we put so much time and money into this project (so many times) for it to just be ruined!

It is our plan to redo it the Fish Pond this summer.  However, we have decided not to use a liner because there are so many things that can damage it and waste money, and loose fish in the process.

When we redo it this time we plan to concrete it so that it should not have to be done again; and our fish can grow big and beautiful!!

*I will share the makeover of the Fish Pond this summer in more detail where you all can see it and follow it as it happens... I can't wait!!!