Monday, January 25, 2016

Solitary Mind of a Madman

The great blizzard of 2016, named Jonas, has passed us by but let me tell you, I think I went a little crazy.........

You all know how it goes, get threats of bad weather and here in North Carolina we get a little bit crazy. We don't see much snow around here, but when we do, it is awesome. A good snowstorm is like a good hurricane. Life is slow here, but it really slows down when either of those events are in the news. Everybody gets supplies and hunkers down to wait it out and see how bad it might be. We didn't get much snow in the part of North Carolina that I live in, but I did see some flurries which amounted to a light dusting....Very light...boooo. 

Anyway, that brings in the quote today about the solitary mind of a madman. The first time I heard use of that line was in the movie "Dead Poets Society" and once again in the rap by Tupac Shakur "Hail Mary". My mind and my heart have been playing tricks on me the last few days. It began to sleet on Friday and the roads were really slick but I had to go get some food so that was that. I stayed in most of the day on Saturday playing chess or cards with the kids and felt a little blue but I did not want to let on that I was feeling some sort of way and didn't know why. I have figured out what has been wrong with me though.......I haven't been blogging lately and blogging has been healing for me even though I'm sure my topics are tiring sometimes I need to write how I feel, I need this sounding board so I can get it all out. So I am going to share some memes today that I think are cool and I'll throw in a little music to lift the spirits as well.