Thursday, December 17, 2015

Building a Fish Pond: The Final Steps

In the last post on building a fish pond we discussed  Installing the Liner, which is an important part.  Once your pond is full of water you will need to secure the edges of the liner in some way and do any last details you wish as you finish up building your fish pond!

The first time that we built the fish pond we used the huge staple looking things in the out door section at Lowe's (sorry I do not recall what the name of this product was).    We trimmed the edges of the plastic we had rolled out and them installed the staples as directed on the package.  I really loved this look of our Fish Pond Garden!!

Below is a picture of the edge of the fish pond at our pump house.  I plan to use the circle decorative rocks to circle around it with a top and a hanging bucket... later on.

I took the picture below as the "before" because we were adding a waterfall and flowers around the well house in the 1st plan to build the fish pond.

The flowers really bloomed the so pretty and bright the first year.. I took so many pictures to share!


Unfortunately, I could't find a picture that had the waterfall installed in the version using the staples to outline.  However, I did find one that shows it when we redone the pond the second time.  We kept the plastic (liner) large in this version to fill in with rocks...  It's all in how you want it to look; and I wanted it to be different since we didn't have a choice in redoing it!  Someone's dog tore the plastic with it's nails and all our water was going out... couldn't let my fish die!

Sadly... This version never really got finished because Hurricane Irene came through and knocked down a Pine Tree, which tore everything up.

We were upset, but the pond can be fixed.. it could have been worse!!  Gave me a chance to brain storm the next version a little ....

~Until next time!