Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Is Losing his Career the Right Punishment?

I'm sure you all have seen the newest trending video that EVERYONE is talking about!!  How this South Carolina officer drags this student out of her desk and slings her across the room.. then arrests another student who stood up in disapproval of the situation...

~I'll let you watch it (if you haven't seen it) and then I will continue.

First off.. I'm a mom of a teenage daughter in High School and I would be out for blood after seeing this!!  But I don't think mine would have been so disrespectful because they know we wouldn't tolerate that AT ALL, but we all know teenagers and their moods so who can say!  

In my opinion... I don't think anything that teenage girl did could have deserved what he did.. He took it TOO FAR!!  

However, I do not think he should have lost his career because of it either (which is what happened according to what I'm hearing this evening).  Especially after statements have been made from the sheriff stating he didn't follow policy, but couldn't really say what he should have done differently! 
...Again, just my opinion.  What are your thoughts?

I think that both should be punished!!  She was being disrespectful/disruptive and that's why he came there; and then refused to get up clinging to the desk. He lost his temper, took thinks way too far, and then tried being a bully to the student that stood up to show she didn't like what was going on... Good for her because it was wrong; but so were the actions that started the whole thing!!

I started by saying if this were my child I would be PISSED as any of you would be if this happened to your own child, bet!  I can't imagine what they must be feeling/thinking. 

Kids are so disrespectful today.  When I was a teenager, I knew.. I didn't disrespect ANY adult rather they were in the wrong or not.  I was tell my parents and let them deal with that adult!  I try to teach my children the same; however, we also want to instill in them standing up for themselves as well.

I believe that there has to be training on both sides.. those officer's need to know how to react to situations and these kids have to be taught respect and authority... it's a complicated, but needs to be done.  No grown up should be man-handling a teenager in this fashion.. in my personal opinion.

What's your take on this?