Sunday, September 20, 2015

Another Reason to Get Started ASAP

I have really been giving a lot of thought to weight this week....

At the beginning of the week I was reading over all of the Senior Fees that will be coming my way this year.  It's so hard to believe my baby-girl is a Senior in High School.. wow, time sure does fly by!  Thinking about all of this made my think about my weight... I want to have A LOT of awesome pictures of her & us, and I don't wanna be fat or feeling that way!!  (Reason #1 that I gotta get started ASAP)

A few days later, I thought about how much I want to lose and by when.  I texted two of my closest friends with that date and #, hoping that they would want to join me & support me in getting this accomplished!!

GOAL: Lose 35-40 pounds BY June 10th 2015

The next day, I was taking a bath and my husband walking in talking to me and decided to take a pic.. OMG no he didn't!!!  Before he deleted it, I took a look and it was way worse than I thought! This wasn't a good moment.  I realized just how out-of-control I had allowed things to go!!  BUT I needed this!!  (Another reason to get started on this ASAP)

The following day I still couldn't get these thoughts out of my mind.  I went to my moms house and she was talking about how high my aunts blood-sugar had been running (they are both diabetic).  My aunt then asks me if I ever check mine, because it runs in the family!  I check mine ever now and again (every 6 months or so) just to see what it is.  I am a little bit over paranoid about having all the health issues and medication that my mom does!!  After a little bit of discussion, I decided to check it just to see.  Usually it is in the 60's (*or lower) which everyone has always said was great; however, this morning before eating anything (I had had a soda) it was 116... hmmm   After researching and reading up on it, it's not bad; but it is something that is a little higher than it's supposed to be without eating first thing, if you're not a diabetic!!  

This is something that I really have to keep an eye on!!  I do not want to have issues with my blood-sugar!   Losing weight could have a positive affect on this as well... Another reason to get started ASAP!! 

So, I decided, it's time to get started first thing in the morning on this goal!!

I ate Lunch yesterday.. If you know me, you know this is awesome!!  I normally skip breakfast, lunch, and eat dinner (sometimes that gets skipped too).  I usually fill up with empty calories from my multiple 20 oz. Pepsi's.  So, I plan to cut some of the soda, add my 3 meals (I'll be so stuffed), and started getting in some physical activity!!

I went to the grocery store after work today and got a case of water and some shake-ups (can't do plain water from the start)!  I also got some healthier things to cook and some thin sliced chicken breasts to cook and use in a salad.. I figure a small salad with chick would be a great option for lunch!

I came home and printed my Measurements Tracker and plan to measure everything first thing in the morning!

I think I've prepared myself for the start of this goal tomorrow and hope that I can continue to get my mind set on getting it done (that is the key)!  BUT I need your support!!!

All of these reasons are so important for my health and my mind.   It's not a fullfilled life when you are not happy and health in your own body.  I can physical feel how unhealthy I am and I want to be healthy.. that's not just another reason, it's most important one!  It's time for a change!  

Will you support me/join me on my journey to finally being a healthier, more energetic, stronger, and happier NEW ME!?   

Follow my journey and share your's... We Can Do This!!