Friday, August 14, 2015

Thin Patience

My patience are really stretched thin this week!  Last Friday (Aug 7th) my paycheck seemed to be short, but I had to wait on my check stub to come in the mail to see what was up!?

Finally on Monday when I got home it was in the  mailbox, and I realized what was wrong... They shorted me 14 hours! WTH?

So... I got on the phone with the company that cuts my paycheck.  I was really frustrated that they wouldn't give me much information because I'm not the patient.  They just kept telling me that I was paid for the "authorized" hours, but wouldn't tell me how many hours I was supposed to be working! UGHhhh

This was crazy to me since I have worked these SAME hours for 4 years with no problems!!!

After getting NO where, I decided to call the case manager, but somehow got the Supervisor of the department.  Better, Right?  I thought so, but I'm not so sure!  

I explained what had happened and what I was told; and asked her had the hours been changed without us being notified? (Which would have made things worse)

After looking at the files, she explained that the hours that were keyed into the system wrong, they where short from what were approved and what I work... A typo!  AND assured me that first thing in the morning she would get with the case manager and get things fixed for.

Tuesday:  I was off work and didn't hear anything from anyone, so I assumed everything had been fixed and all was good!   Guess, assuming was the wrong move!!

Wednesday:  I get to work and ask if the Case Manager had called on Tuesday to let us know that everything was fixed, but she hadn't called. 

I decided to give her a quick call to see... she hadn't done anything yet!!  (This was at 10 am)

She explained that she had tried calling on Tuesday, but I didn't have any missed calls or messages (don't know what happened here).  She wanted to know what was going on.. So, I explained everything again, and she assured me that she was going to get what was needed, contact the company that pays me, and call me back to let me know everything was good!

So... after waiting all day with no word, I decided to give her a call before leaving work (around 3:30) and got her voicemail.  I left her a message to let her know I was checking on things and gave here the #s to contact us back.  I then called the company that pays me and asked had things been fixed... NO, they hadn't heard from anyone!

Thursday:  After not hearing nothing back on Tuesday or all morning, I decided to call her around lunchtime.  By this point I am really frustrated and this is starting to really piss me off!!  This is 14 hours of pay that I need and if it were they're paycheck... Well, I feel it would be fixed!

I call off and on all day long and can't get anything but her voicemail.. 

I decided to give the company that pays me another call before leaving work, just to see!!  BUT Guess what!?  NOTHING, not a word!!  They inform me that if I want to be paid for these short hours and avoid my next paycheck from being 8 hours short everything needs to be fixed by 5pm on FRIDAY!  

So, I call the case manager back, getting her voicemail of course, I leave her message and tell her what I was told and ask her to PLEASE call me back....

... but the rest of the day goes by and I hear NOTHING!!

Friday:  By now I am frustrated with the whole situation and need someone to act like they care that they screwed up and FIX IT!

I get to work and after a little while (around 10am) I decide to give her a call before going out to do any errands that she needs to complete; and she answered.. YAY!  She explained to me that she knows what needs to be done to fix the situation and she will be out as soon as she as she finishes up some paper work, where everything can be fixed by close of business day and I can get my shorted hours on my check next week!

After getting off the phone I felt better, everything is going to be fixed and I won't have to stress over it anymore... That's what I get for thinking again!! UGHHhh

After waiting ALL day, staying after work waiting for her, and calling repeatedly only to get voicemail... they were CLOSED for the day!!

I'm pissed!!  Why say you're coming, if your not!!??  If something came up, give us the curtsy to call us where we don't put off things that we had planned to do waiting on you!!

My patience is running really thin, I don't want to loose my job over their mistakes and laziness by being ugly to then, but enough is enough!!

Monday morning they will be hearing from us, I'm just not sure what side of me me they'll see!!  

I feel like they have blown me off all week.. I was under the impression when I spoke to the supervisor on Monday evening that everything will be fixed Tuesday morning, but it's Friday and NOTHING has been done!!  AND Now come Friday, I will be another 8 hours short on my paycheck!!

This is ridiculous and I am fed-up with it all; and they best be planning to get everything fixed Monday morning....