Thursday, May 21, 2015


Recently on google + I have joined a ton of communities and the ones that peak my interest the most are the photography communities. There are so many great photographers out there. 

I learned how to develop negatives and prints in a dark room years ago. I thought I wanted to be a photographer, but really I love it as a hobby. I would love to build me a darkroom so I could escape to it and create. There is a sense of childlike awe and wander watching a photograph "come to life" in the developer. This is your creation!! Some of the best photos are the ones where you get your hands on an old negative, maybe of your grandparents, and you can make a new photo from the old one. 

I realized on my trip to the Outer Banks, N.C. last week, that I still love taking photos. I miss having that creative outlet. Over the weekend, I am going to get some of my black and white photos and scan them in so I can share them with the blogger community. My photography teacher told me once "You know JoAnne, you can really see people and that reflects in your photographs". That was an awesome comment coming from him, because he said that to me in my second year of taking his class. I thought he hated me! lol. 

So, of course I will leave you all with a picture. Here is the one that I took of Bodie Lighthouse last week. Enjoy!