Saturday, May 16, 2015

Could a Thought Change Your Day?

It sounds simple, but could it be true?  I found this quote graphic and thought about a time where I tried something similar..

When we roll out of bed in the morning, our minds start to load our data (so-to-speak), our thoughts and the stress of every day life starts to slowly pour in.

BUT, what if?

What IF we decided to start the morning load with a positive thought...
  • Today is going to be AWESOME!
  • I love my life!
  • I am smart and beautiful
  • I am going to ace that test/job interview
  • etc.
I can't tell you how many days I have woke up and the first thing on my mind was...
  • How bad I felt
  • How much I did NOT want to go to Work
  • or Just thinking about the stress I was dealing with
Do you know how many of those days were POSITIVE/GOOD days?  Not many!!

I'm going to try something New, and I hope you all will join me in a positive thinking journey.  Retraining the mind to focus on the positive instead of the negative (which is going to be a challenge for me).

Each morning for the next month I am going to think a positive thought when I wake up and see how it may or may not change my day!! :)