Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Sting of Divorce (Caution - Bad Language)

I'm on a bit of a rant today, so I thought I'd share......................

1. I spoke with my estranged husband today and he and his new love interest have set a wedding date for July 25, 2015. Really? We aren't even divorced yet. Guess what? In the state of North Carolina when you go apply for a marriage license, if you have been divorced in the last 60 days, you have to show a copy of your divorce decree that has been signed by the Judge before you can get that license. I told him we cannot file for divorce until June 12, 2015. He can waive his 30 days after he accepts service but that still does not mean we will be divorced before that wedding date. I told the girls in the office that I want to try my best to have it done before then. Because who am I to stand in the way of true love? (That's me being a sarcastic BITCH!)

2. This hurts. He promised me he would love me until the day I died. Well, I'm still breathing! And I'm telling you, I am okay with him moving on but he is advancing in this relationship with her at fucking warp speed. He had the BALLS to say to me that I could go to the wedding. REALLY? I told him no thanks! He told me I could go because our son, who is age 10, is going to be one of his best men. That's great. I want our son to participate in his dad's big day. But we need to make arrangements in advance so that I do not have to go to the church and pick up our son. Why doesn't he just take a knife and stab me in the heart? I swear, I think that would hurt less.


3. It is going to take me a long time to get over being raked over the coals. Nobody understands how shitty all this makes me feel and nobody gives a fuck. I gave this man 11 years of my life, and it's like he is shooting me the bird saying oh well who cares? He moves on with the woman he cheated on me with and they skin and grin in my damn face! It is not right. Where is KARMA?

I'm not sorry for saying any of this. If you are offended, OH WELL!