Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Choice

As of late, I have gotten back on my diet. For two weeks I wasn't really trying and I did not get on the scales at all. For the past two nights I have gotten on the elliptical and stayed on for ten minutes. I have to work my way back up. I am going to try 15 minutes tonight. I have not been eating after 6 pm either and I have been drinking water in the evenings. I have noticed that for my body that I have to not eat late at night because that is where my trouble comes in. If I start eating in the late evening it is not good for me and I wake up the next day all bloated. When I don't eat late at night,  I wake up the next day feeling more energized and there is no bloat. So, I have to do what works for my body. This strategy will not necessarily work for someone else, but it works for me.

On another note, I am so glad Spring is here. I plan on planting some flowers this weekend and figuring out where I want to put my garden at. I am going to grow tomatoes, corn and some type of beans. I haven't decided yet exactly which type of beans, maybe snap or crowder peas. I actually have the hope that when I am working in the garden maybe someone will stop by and say hello. Who knows?

As for the mental front of this journey. I still have those days where I am all over the place and can't make up my mind what I want. I do know that I am tired of being sad, I am tired of grieving. I am ready to start living again. Some of my friends are going out Saturday night and I am going to join them. I have got to start somewhere. I am never going to meet anybody sitting in the house all weekend. I have got to stop living like I am still married....but some habits are hard to break. I am almost 10 months into this separation and as the days go by it gets easier somehow. I read the most profound thing the other day about letting love into your life and it really opened my eyes.

I choose happiness..........