Sunday, January 25, 2015

Next weeks plan...

Last Tuesday I started implementing changes in my life in order to have a successful weight-loss journey.  I had planned to change a few things, but didn't feel well a few days, so, I really didn't change a lot. 
I started making myself eat those 3 meals a day, skipping meals or only eating once a day is not good for me... My body stores everything because its not sure when it'll get food again. 

Tomorrow is the start of week 2... I'll weight in the morning to see how my body responded to more meals a day for most of last week. 

Next week I plan to make it a daily thing and start drinking water.. I bombed on that one this week.  Ugh I just don't want to drink it. Lol

This is the week to jump in 100% and give it my all!

Soon, I will begin having an hour extra in the mornings before work; therefore, I want to make the most of it by adding some exercise into the mix. 
Wish me luck. :-)